Weight Loss And Eating Habits

21 Oct

Eating or over eating is not always the only reason for gaining excessive weight. There are certain medical conditions that we suffer from (such as hypoglycemia, allergies and inflammation) which in turn would need medication to control the condition, and which can be an indirect cause for a person begins gaining weight or being overweight. Such medication needs to be balanced with other prescriptions that would assist in diluting the weight gain tendencies and / or assist in losing weight.

There are symptoms that a qualified and experienced physician can analyze and diagnose to reveal surprising and interesting facts. For instance, a malfunctioning thyroid is capable of causing cravings that trigger consumption of high fat food. Excessive consumption of salt could indicate mineral deficiency in the body. Similarly, intake of extra carbohydrates and sugars indicate a condition known as hypoglycemia. Steroids and antibiotics if being consumed on a regular basis are likely to cause conditions such as dysbiosis, inflammation and allergies. Dysbiosis is an overgrowth of fungi and yeast.

Some of the supplements and advice that assist in weight loss are described below:

1)  Acidophulis pearls.

2)  Chromium Picolinate in measured dosage is known to normalize blood sugar levels to control binging and diminish cravings for carbohydrates.

3)  Unbalanced hormones could result in weight gain. Essential Fatty Acids helps regulating hormone levels and blood sugar levels

4)  Avoiding liver, sunflower seeds, crab, almonds, grapes, liver, pecans, walnuts and mushroom facilitate weight loss.

5)  Choline and Inositol – both Vitamin B – in prescribed dose help burn fat.

6)  Beta Glucan is obtained from oats. It binds with fat and passes out through the excreta; thus aiding in weight loss.

7)  Constipation results in toxins and thus dysbiosis. Milk of Magnesia contains Magnesium that would keep the bowel movement in prime condition thus preventing weight gain.

8)  Prefer butter, olive oil or coconut oil in your kitchen over margarine and shortening. The former aids in producing good fat and the latter, known as hydrogenated fats are bad fats. Lack of B Complex vitamins in the latter aids in depositing fats in your body and therefore must be avoided.

9)  Intake of carbohydrates should be gradually reduced. Consequently release of insulin will drop and your cravings will diminish. Intake of whole grains containing chromium and omega instead of white sugar, white pasta, white rice and white bread would aid in reducing cravings. White food creates bad fats. High protein snacking is what one should go for which will prevent insulin release.

10)  Drink lots of water so to defeat the cravings to surface. Half a lemon juice in a glass of water helps keeping weight in control.

One of the questions that stare you in the eyes is what is it that can keep me going and help me meet my goals. Here we are looking for motivation. There are some very interesting ideas that can help keep you highly motivated in your resolve to lose weight. These measures have been tried and are therefore proven strategies to defeat the temptations that could stare at you while in company of friends, in a chic café or restaurant or in a mall.

1)  Always follow proven and tested diet plans like Medifast Diet plan as you can find a lot of persons who have reduced weight and this can motivate you throughout the diet course.

2)  Resolve that you would reward yourself a certain amount of dollars when you lose certain number of pounds. The bigger the denomination and the lost pounds, the more you reward yourself. It actually excites oneself to see his or her jar of reward swelling.

3)  Bet with friends and family to set a realistic and reasonable weight loss goal. When you win once, it gives a great sense of achievement and works like miracle and you set more similar goals.

4)  Find out if your locality or workplace organizes fun events focusing on weight loss. A weight loss challenge game is bound to work wonders on the participants. You can find such an event online too. Such events are catching the fancy of the masses. Here prize money is announced for the individual losing most number of pounds or a team that loses most pounds together.

5)  There are firms and / or companies who too give out money if you lose certain number of pounds, or work to bring your body mass index to meet the ideal weight prescribed for your height. Look out for such promotions / events in the media or online and register for the event.


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