The Importance Of Fitness Along With Diet In Weight Loss Journey

20 Jan

Fitness and balanced diet are the two most important irreducible constituents of a composite entity called healthy life.  They are essential elements of a good lifestyle.  Both of them are basic and indispensable to ensure a good and healthy life that everyone cherishes to attain in today’s busy world.  So to say; they are co-efficient equals required for the system to function well.  For example, one may take balanced diet, but, due to lack of minimum physical activity and exercise, he may not be physically fit, or on the other hand, one may be leading an active lifestyle, but, without proper diet, sooner or later he may not be able to maintain the status quo.  Hence, both the elements are crucial to realize a healthy and fulfilling life.

However, the present world is suffering from being overweight.  Like any other affluent nation, Americans are also struggling with obesity.  That is why like a drowning man catches at a straw, there are people everywhere buying into the latest dieting fads and buying every other product to achieve the reduction in weight.  But, as usual it is not the users who are successful in achieving their desired goals, but, those that produce and commercialize these products.  Nevertheless, there is little doubt that making changes to one’s eating patterns can help one achieve weight loss.  With a carefully planned and well designed diet plan, it is indeed possible to shed those extra pounds.  On the contrary, good physical fitness can take place simultaneously with being somewhat overweight.  Hence, eating habits have much to do with being overweight.  You need body fuel to burn fat if you are eating a diet high in fat.  However, you should also remember that lifting weights will not produce much muscle unless you eat right foods to make that happen.

In order to achieve optimum results, it is wise to consider the most favorable condition which includes both fitness and diet.  Considering them separately will not meet the purpose.  Excess calories can be burnt through your fitness regime at the same time you can sustain your body with healthy diet which has essential nutrition your body needs to build muscles.  In this regard, you need to remember that body weight can be misleading as you get more fit.  With fitness regime, your body may look smaller and more toned but your body weight may not go down as you might expect it to be.

To lose weight and maintain a desired body weight is a mission to accomplish.  In this regard, one more essential fact to remember is to determine your metabolic rate, which is to calculate the number of calories your body requires each and every day to maintain your current weight.  If you are determined to shed your extra weight and achieve a fit and healthy body, you need to know how many calories you can eat and still lose weight.  In order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume.  This you can do effectively by adopting a calorie deficit plan and a healthy fitness regime simultaneously.  Nonetheless, it cannot be attained in a day.  It can safely be created cumulatively with a small deficit a day by reducing calories from food as well as augmenting the burning process through regular exercise.  However, with a view to be successful in your weight lose journey, you need a high level of motivation and commitment to follow the course that optimizes the use of these elements of a balanced diet and a healthy fitness regime.  Actions only when conceived in the mind and proceed from the heart speak louder than words.  While walking in the journey of life, stay close to your mission and make that the heart of your brand.  Overweight and obesity are mostly associated with psychiatric disorders.  Therefore, they need to be dealt with accordingly.


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