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Vegetarian Versus Non Vegetarian Diet

22 Apr

Earlier days, it was believed that non vegetarian diet is superior to vegetarian diet. People used to think that non vegetarian diet provides more strength and it is full of energetic ingredients. This theory attracted many and ultimately a large number of people adopted non vegetarian diet. According to some medical science researchers this concept has changed. According to them vegetarian diet is more useful to human being than non vegetarian diet. The most important difference between vegetarian and non vegetarian diet is that vegetarian foods contains dietary fibers but non vegetarian food lacks fibers. People who take diet rich in dietary fiber have less chances of having diseases like coronary heart disease, cancer of intestinal tract, piles, obesity, diabetes, constipation and gall stone.

Vegetarian diets do not include animal flesh, such as beef, pork, any poultry and not even fish. Vegetables bring exciting flavor and textures to every meal. Vegetable diet contains vitamins, minerals and protective compounds. A vegetable rich diet makes you feel healthy. Making the most of vegetables in main dishes and snacks brings healthy benefits to a person. Vegetables are essential part of a healthy diet. In addition to the beneficial anti oxidants vitamins and mineral present in vegetables, scientists have discovered thousands of different plant chemicals called photo chemical, that are believed to have health giving and health protecting properties.

While the benefits or the advantages of vegetarian diet are many there are also disadvantages of vegetarian diets. The biggest disadvantage of vegetarian diet is that it fails to give a balance diet. Unlike animal proteins no vegetables contains amino acids which is necessary for human body. A plant based diet cannot provide amino acids as found in non vegetarian diet. Each of nine essential amino acids is not found in vegetarian diets. This results in tiredness, moodiness due to fluctuation in blood sugar levels leading to poor performance at work. There are some deficiencies in a vegetarian diet such as lack of protein, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, calcium, iodine, riboflavin, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids. Some of these deficiency leads to hair fall, skin problem and also eye sight problem. Another disadvantage and danger of vegetarian diet is that they fail to make a balanced and healthy diet. If you are not taking meat or fish along with vegetable diets than your body finds difficult to supplement the nutrients that it needs. Constant hunger is also another disadvantage for vegetarian people as vegetarian diet gets digested soon. Skinny appearance is the other disadvantage for vegetarian people.medifast 10

Many people do not take non vegetarian diet due to moral, ethical and environmental believes. They think that eating animal product is a form of exploitation of animals as it involves animal slaughter.

Non vegetarian diets are foods that include animal flesh such as beef, pork, poultry and fish. Non vegetarian diet has more calories, fat and protein when compared with the vegetarian diet. In western world, non vegetarians are in the majority and vegetarians are in the minority. Fish is an ideal food for busy lives. It has a great source of protein and provides many vitamins and minerals if taken in the diet. Oily fish also offer beneficial fats such as omega-3 which can help to maintain a healthy heart. Poultry in non vegetarian diet provides many essential vitamins and minerals and it is low in saturated fat which is a healthy diet. Meat is good for health in many ways and is a source of protein and as well as valuable nutrients. But at the same time it is not good for high blood pressure or any kind of heart disease. Eggs, too, are an important food to include in a healthy well balanced diet. It provides high quality protein and plenty of other beneficial nutrients for the human body.

According to ‘WHO’ report non vegetarian food causes many different types of diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney problem, gall bladder problem, constipation and arthritis. Consumption of mutton and chicken regularly causes carbohydrate deficiency that leads to ketosis. Sufficient carbohydrates are present vegetarian diet than in the non-vegetarian diet.

To conclude neither vegetarian diet nor non-vegetarian diet is good and healthy. One should have a balanced diet consuming vegetarian diet as well as non-vegetarian diet to stay healthy. Instead of only carnivorous or herbivorous human being should be omnivorous.


Medifast Diet For Pregnant Women

7 Apr

Medifast, located in Maryland, USA was started by William Vitale around 1980. It is into the business of manufacturing and distribution of nutrition and weight management products. In the beginning, Medifast diets used to be available through physicians alone. With the withdrawal of restrictions, it became  available freely to the consumers. The manufacturer furnishes the directions for the consumers which is easy to follow. Plenty physicians treating obese patients do consider prescribing Medifast diets to replace their regular diets in order to bring about a change towards the appearance of an individual’s body and lead a life more healthy and normal.

Medifast offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian options – both. Soybean is known to be rich in protein that effectively assists lowering cholesterol and triglycerides thereby reducing risk of heart ailments and bringing relief to women undergoing menopausal ordeal like hot flashes. Medifast products use soy protein, extracted from soybeans, as a key ingredient in certain few of its products. The products also provide liberal and reasonable amount of nourishment in the form of vitamins, fibers and vital minerals. Medifast meals are low on carbohydrate and do not consist of proteins of whey. Having been designed with such ingredients, it has made great success in bringing satisfaction, happiness and well-being amongst the millions of people around.

Although initially meant for obese and overweight public, people suffering with high blood pressure as well as diabetes have too found it beneficial for them. It has been tested by and studied by universities to their entire satisfaction and content.

Although you would find so many people having been benefited, it always helps in making an informed decision when you are familiar of both sides of the coin. Yes you may find Medifast dieting substantially expensive when compared to alternatives in the market. You may not like few of its meals, but that is true for our otherwise everyday lives, ain’t it! The saving grace here are the other meals that more than make up for that. And I suppose you would agree that money is not the only sacrifice that would get us results. Likewise, if you spend some time exercising, the results would be certainly more wondrous and guaranteeing. No two persons are made alike, thus it works differently on different people. So it is necessary to stick to it with the maintenance regime diets. You do not want to regain swifter after that swift offload. You should include lots of water intake for optimal functioning of the digestive system necessary for the fiber rich meals that Medifast is. For the plus side, it is a fairly successful weight management diet hitherto known. It has a truly delighting and working and professional and caring customer service in the event of you looking for something not already informed along with the product. It saves you the effort of calculating all that necessary protein – carbs – fat – calories, then listing those items and buying them at the grocery store and cooking and eating. You do not have to bother of all that hassle if joining Medifast diet membership program. The varieties available makes sure you do not feel missing on things; you never feel as if you were gagging down stuff down your throat. With the variety spread, you actually look forward eagerly instead of that “not again” look on your face. If taken as suggested, the meals make sure that you do not find yourself hungry or craving at any given time of day or night, which cannot be said about any other product. Medifast catalog offers plenty healthy treats to take care of your likings. Thus it trains you on how to manage hunger, making it your second nature, securing you a healthier future.

If you were planning for a baby or if you were to be pregnant, it would be necessary to consult your physician, although you may find expectant mothers becoming members of the diet program and doing well. Some may not have, and then some may have consulted their physicians, you never know. You certainly would not and cannot take liberties with such extreme diet regimes. You certainly do not want to jeopardize the life of one who has not set its feet in this world. Any risk you take must be a carefully calculated one, if pregnant or planning to become one.