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Medifast Shakes: A Must For Every Health Conscious Person

17 May

People who are extremely fat and overweight, when they begin to follow any diet program to contain the problem and effectively shed that flab and extra pound from the body, they naturally tend to suspect and raise some pertinent questions about the efficacy of the diet programs.  They have numerous queries to know about the program such as; how the foods and drinks taste, how many calories are in them, whether they are high in nutrition so on and so forth.  It is all due to their fear – whether there would be drastic cut in their tastes, preferences and portions.  As a matter of fact, all the people irrespective of age and sex have great weakness for those smoothies, shakes and beverages.  Like any other genuine weightloss healthy diet program, the Medifast is well aware of people’s natural cravings for shakes and beverages, and accordingly they have come up with many great shakes which are considered the best so far as calories, carbs and protein contents are concerned.  If you have any queries like me, it is wise to learn more about these essential features of Medifast shakes as it would help you understand why Medifast shakes are a must for every health conscious person who does not want to sacrifice their tastes and preference, and at the same time wants to shed that excess weight.  Let us see how best Medifast shakes fit into your diet program.

When you see all the 70 to 80 choices of different flavors consisting of soups, cereals, eggs, pudding, drinks, chips, and many more from the huge arsenal of Medifast shakes, you will be easily convinced that you are not going to sacrifice any instead you are going to have more as per your taste.  All the same; these shakes and beverages contain the calories, carbs and proteins as per your daily requirement.  For example; the most popular Medifast shake choice – the 55 contains 90 calories, with 10 of these coming from fat; only 13 grams of carbs, 11 of protein and only 8 of sugars.  Needless to say, this one contains over 25% of the daily value of over 25 vitamins and minerals.  Now we can see through why the 55 shake is so popular. medifast 13

Another additional benefit of these famous shakes is that there are many ready to drink variety.  That means you need not have to use a blender to prepare them.  You need not do anything to prepare them; just pop in a straw and drink to heart’s content.  Nevertheless, these have the same caloric and protein content as the 55 (90 and 11 respectively), but they are lower in sugar, at only 6 grams.  It is natural for people who are on a diet mission, tend to have greater appetite.  In Medifast, they have an answer to that; they have popular appetite suppression shake which is effective in this regard as it contains an ingredient called Super CitriMax that is meant to make you less hungry.  Though it is more caloric in content but it has more proteins.

You might have heard that people with diabetes are worried of shakes and beverages due to the fact that they are unaware of contents of the shakes especially the sugars and carbs.  Medifast diabetic shakes contain only 5 grams of sugar and 10 grams of carbs but 100 calories which are ideal for a diabetic person.  If you consider all these shakes carefully, you can find right shake as per your choice; if you have sugar issue or you don’t like sweet flavored desserts, you can go for the one accordingly.  If you are a busy person but want to deal with that hunger, you can go for appetite suppression shake.  The ready to drink variety will be the right choice for you.  Whatever choice or requirement you may have, you will have no problem with these shakes as these shakes are only one food option.  Medifast offers five plus one meal plan which means that you eat five of the plan’s meals and one healthful, larger meal.  Isn’t it great?


Health Drinks: A General Overview

12 May

We know protein shakes include common ingredients such as skim milk, almond milk, soy milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, nut butter, fruit and flavorings.  Many believe that anyone who is trying to lose weight should include protein shakes into their arsenal to fight weight loss.  Though drinking protein shakes is not harmful to health, it is not yet proved that these shakes can help you lose weight as protein shakes still contain enough calories and consuming too much of them may, in fact, stall weight loss.  That is why, most weight loss programs seem to ask their users to stay away from shakes and juices, but, there are still many such diet programs like Medifast that recommend a number of shakes and drinks.  However, these shakes, which diet programs like Medifast prescribe for their users, are different from those which are available in the market.  If you are willing to contain your excess weight through protein shakes and drinks in addition to your regular weight loss diet, it is wise to have a complete idea about how these shakes and drinks recommended by some genuine names like Medifast work and how best they can help you in your mission.

You may wonder why Medifast shakes are so popular in this regard.  The fact is that these beverages are part of a high protein, low carb weight loss plan that allows dieters to effectively slash calories intake to the minimum.  These shakes are carefully prepared taking into account your daily calorie requirement.  Accordingly, each drink contains only 90 to 110 calories.  When you consume these shakes as per the direction along with those five meals which also include a lean and green meal, you can get adequate nutrition as promised by the diet plan.

Another reason why Medifast shakes are so effective is that these drinks are low in fat unlike those shakes we find in the market.  It is found that Medifast ready-to-drink shakes contain 1.5 of fat or about 2 percent of the daily allowance.  Moreover, these products contain no saturated fat or trans-fats.  But, so far as amount of protein is concerned, Medifast shakes are high in protein to prevent loss of muscle mass during weight loss.  For example; each original shake provides 14 grams of protein, which comprises of 28 percent of a consumer’s daily protein needs.  When we take the example of a Medifast ready-to-drink shake, it contains about 11 grams of protein enough for your daily requirement.  Another equally important point to note is that Medifast drinks are planned as per the dietary guidelines for carbohydrates.  As such, each shake contains four grams of fiber which is roughly 16 percent of the recommended daily allowance.

If we consider other elements of Medifast drinks such as sugar and salt, they are well balanced and mixed as per the consumer’s daily allowance for these items.  While each shake contains 7 grams of sugar, salt content is only 260 to 280 mg which is relatively low as per the daily requirement of a person.  Medifast drinks are considered healthy during weight loss, as they contain enough fiber, potassium, vitamins, and minerals.  Dietary fiber is essential for roughage; each shake contains 4 grams of dietary fiber, or about 16 percent of the consumer’s recommended amount; and 370 to 520 mg of potassium which is around 11 to 15 percent of one’s daily need.  Besides these, Medifast beverages are high in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, C, D, E, K and vitamin B complex.  Medifast ready-to-drink shakes are said to have contained even richer vitamins.

All 55 Medifast shakes not only contain all these essential ingredients but also taste great as they come in two flavors – French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate.  At the same time, they are also gluten free for they contain a very small amount of gluten.

Dieting Alone Can’t Help You In Reducing Weight; You Need Regular Exercise

6 May

Some people fall prey to crafty advertising and live in the world of make believe and misconceptions.  However, you need to be careful before adopting a course to shed your excess weight.  You should neither subscribe to the idea that puts emphasis only on exercise nor go for the one that talks only of dieting and fasting.  Of course, no genuine program would advise its users to go the either way.  Without any prejudice, they will unambiguously impress their users to balance their approach in order to achieve an ideal weight.  In fact, a genuine program whether it is about fitness or diet will naturally include and not exclude the other one in order to ensure a sound and wholesome body.  As such, a healthy diet with regular exercise is a must if you want to effectively shed that ugly belly fat or those bulky loose thighs which make you look unattractive.

Young people hate protruded big bellies and bulky tight thighs as they are forced to keep away from their favorite t-shirts, tights and leggings due to these.  There is little doubt that you need to opt for a healthy diet, but, it’s of no use alone.  Diet and exercises go hand in hand.  You cannot achieve your goal just by eating a diet food or doing workouts alone.  Even, it is not so easy to just lose belly fat or tone loose thigh as it is not possible to target a particular area and burn the fat there.  Accumulation of fats on your stomach or any other part of the body can occur on account of several reasons; the most common ones being – wrong eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle.   Weight gain, especially on the stomach, can lead to some serious health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other ailments.  Hence, for a satisfactory and healthy result, you need to get rid of body fat from all over your body.  The methods are the same; a healthy diet and regular exercises.  Let us consider a few of those fitness regimes.

You should start with cardiovascular exercises as these are a must if you want to lose excess fat.  Do not get carried away by the myth that by doing only abdominal exercises, you will be able to lose excess fat.  The truth is for losing the fat on your belly, you need to perform cardiovascular exercises regularly for about half an hour.  Only thing you need to do them in a correct way.  Cardiovascular workouts can include brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, moderate aerobic, or any other workouts which use all of the muscles in your body to burn the calories in an effective way.  Regardless of their forms, cardiovascular exercises help increase heart rate and blood circulation throughout the body.  As regards fat loss, it depends on calories burned versus calories consumed and when the former is greater it is certainly good for the body weight.  Regular exercise is the surest way to shed off those extra pounds fast and improve your much needed metabolism with a view to live a healthy and happy life.

However, as already said the best way to keep a healthy and ideal weight is to eat healthy besides doing regular exercises.  Since, you can lose weight by either decreasing your calories intake or increasing the number of calories your burn; you should keep a watchful eye over the foods on your plate.  Cut down on the sweets, watch your portion sizes; eat small amounts but eat often just as Medifast diet insists upon.  If you are confused as what to eat, what not to eat, how much to eat and when to eat, it is wise to choose Medifast diet plans.  They are great as Medifast diet is carefully prepared taking into account every aspect of your health and hygiene.  What is more, Medifast diet does believe and insists not only on healthy diet but also regular exercises.