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Medifast Diet For Pregnant Women

7 Apr

Medifast, located in Maryland, USA was started by William Vitale around 1980. It is into the business of manufacturing and distribution of nutrition and weight management products. In the beginning, Medifast diets used to be available through physicians alone. With the withdrawal of restrictions, it became  available freely to the consumers. The manufacturer furnishes the directions for the consumers which is easy to follow. Plenty physicians treating obese patients do consider prescribing Medifast diets to replace their regular diets in order to bring about a change towards the appearance of an individual’s body and lead a life more healthy and normal.

Medifast offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian options – both. Soybean is known to be rich in protein that effectively assists lowering cholesterol and triglycerides thereby reducing risk of heart ailments and bringing relief to women undergoing menopausal ordeal like hot flashes. Medifast products use soy protein, extracted from soybeans, as a key ingredient in certain few of its products. The products also provide liberal and reasonable amount of nourishment in the form of vitamins, fibers and vital minerals. Medifast meals are low on carbohydrate and do not consist of proteins of whey. Having been designed with such ingredients, it has made great success in bringing satisfaction, happiness and well-being amongst the millions of people around.

Although initially meant for obese and overweight public, people suffering with high blood pressure as well as diabetes have too found it beneficial for them. It has been tested by and studied by universities to their entire satisfaction and content.

Although you would find so many people having been benefited, it always helps in making an informed decision when you are familiar of both sides of the coin. Yes you may find Medifast dieting substantially expensive when compared to alternatives in the market. You may not like few of its meals, but that is true for our otherwise everyday lives, ain’t it! The saving grace here are the other meals that more than make up for that. And I suppose you would agree that money is not the only sacrifice that would get us results. Likewise, if you spend some time exercising, the results would be certainly more wondrous and guaranteeing. No two persons are made alike, thus it works differently on different people. So it is necessary to stick to it with the maintenance regime diets. You do not want to regain swifter after that swift offload. You should include lots of water intake for optimal functioning of the digestive system necessary for the fiber rich meals that Medifast is. For the plus side, it is a fairly successful weight management diet hitherto known. It has a truly delighting and working and professional and caring customer service in the event of you looking for something not already informed along with the product. It saves you the effort of calculating all that necessary protein – carbs – fat – calories, then listing those items and buying them at the grocery store and cooking and eating. You do not have to bother of all that hassle if joining Medifast diet membership program. The varieties available makes sure you do not feel missing on things; you never feel as if you were gagging down stuff down your throat. With the variety spread, you actually look forward eagerly instead of that “not again” look on your face. If taken as suggested, the meals make sure that you do not find yourself hungry or craving at any given time of day or night, which cannot be said about any other product. Medifast catalog offers plenty healthy treats to take care of your likings. Thus it trains you on how to manage hunger, making it your second nature, securing you a healthier future.

If you were planning for a baby or if you were to be pregnant, it would be necessary to consult your physician, although you may find expectant mothers becoming members of the diet program and doing well. Some may not have, and then some may have consulted their physicians, you never know. You certainly would not and cannot take liberties with such extreme diet regimes. You certainly do not want to jeopardize the life of one who has not set its feet in this world. Any risk you take must be a carefully calculated one, if pregnant or planning to become one.


Medifast Coupons – Attractive And Popular

26 Jan

For a modern economic man, price is an important factor while making the decision particularly concerning their health and well-being.  Staying fit and healthy is everybody’s main concern in this age of expectations and challenges.   It helps one survive and thrive in life.  But, diseases and ailments bring impediments in the process.  Interestingly, some diseases like overweight and obesity are more psychological than physical.  As a result of which they may have disastrous effects on your personality and confidence level which are sine qua non for your success and happiness in this fast moving world based on progress and achievements.  Everyone suffering from such diseases naturally try their best to come out of the stigma they carry along in life.  A feeling of desperateness and despondency in individuals is marked in the market if we sort and analyze records in this regard.  Unfortunately, a desperate look of hunger for deliverance is a favorable place for scammers and malicious elements in the wires.   They know how to skim the milk and leave the patients in the mid way.

Medifast – a Name to reckon with

But, not all weightloss programs are the same.  Some are genuine and different.  Medifast, for example; is a name that has been around since 1980.  Unlike most weight loss programs which are known for rapid rise and sudden fall, Medifast believes in persistence and success.  The Medifast program has thrived for over three decades and it has been vindicated more than once that its growth in popularity has been constantly in upward swing.  Some ignorant may assign this success to their effective marketing strategy.  But, it is not true.  Their marketing is mainly fact based nothing to do with tricks and tips of salesmanship used by the unscrupulous.  The medifast diet program does not sell products which they have never tested in their labs.  In fact, Medifast is the doctor approved and clinically proven weight loss diet program.  It has been a life changer for millions who have trusted and decided to continue with the program.  The Medifast 5 & 1 diet plan is so simple and meals are so delicious and nutritious carefully designed to meet the daily requirements of a person.  They have unique meal replacement diet plan which is a weight loss program with ingredients for your heart, joints and as such a diabetic friendly weight loss plan.  You can check a few success stories or even ask a question directly to the friendly doctor to clear your doubts.  Surely, you will find it easy to believe in them and follow the healthy lifestyle they promise, which is best for you.

Medifast Coupons – Attractive and Popular

As already said, price is always a factor whenever one decides to continue any program for an extended period of time.  People do look for discounts to beat rising food prices.  However, everything depends on the fact that how long you think you will be on the diet program.  If you trust the Medifast diet program and decide to continue, you can get the lowest cost per meal as monthly packages.  And Medifast coupons take due care of your price element.  In simple words, when you buy in bulk, your cost per meal automatically comes down.  Since, Medifast 5 & 1 diet plan combines Medifast’s prepackaged food/meals and fresh food you prepare on your own, you need enough food to last you a month.  In that case, a monthly package using Medifast coupons will be the cheapest option for you.   Just consider the price per meal, you will find them great.  Besides this, you can also avail of some weeks of free food the company offers and save a lot of money.   If you sit down to calculate the price per meal after using the discount coupons and auto ship option, you will certainly find the price very comfortable and affordable.

How all that happen

In this regard, it is worthwhile to understand how Medifast coupons and discounts work.   People generally order medifast food directly from the company.  However, the company also allows third parties to distribute coupons and incentives.  That is why; you find them often in some of your favorite websites or blogs in the form of link ads or banners.  When you click on the ad, it takes you to the Medifast’s website where you can use the coup or promotional code to claim discount from your purchases.  These codes can be used for any of the packages like diabetic line or men’s line.  However, how much money you can save with Medifast discount coupons and promotions depends on the current offer and the coupons redeemed when enrolling in the meal plan.  Needless to say that the Medifast meals are so tasty and healthy that many clients continue to order their favorite meals, snacks or deserts even after reaching the desired weight and take the advantage of Medifast coupons.

The Importance Of Fitness Along With Diet In Weight Loss Journey

20 Jan

Fitness and balanced diet are the two most important irreducible constituents of a composite entity called healthy life.  They are essential elements of a good lifestyle.  Both of them are basic and indispensable to ensure a good and healthy life that everyone cherishes to attain in today’s busy world.  So to say; they are co-efficient equals required for the system to function well.  For example, one may take balanced diet, but, due to lack of minimum physical activity and exercise, he may not be physically fit, or on the other hand, one may be leading an active lifestyle, but, without proper diet, sooner or later he may not be able to maintain the status quo.  Hence, both the elements are crucial to realize a healthy and fulfilling life.

However, the present world is suffering from being overweight.  Like any other affluent nation, Americans are also struggling with obesity.  That is why like a drowning man catches at a straw, there are people everywhere buying into the latest dieting fads and buying every other product to achieve the reduction in weight.  But, as usual it is not the users who are successful in achieving their desired goals, but, those that produce and commercialize these products.  Nevertheless, there is little doubt that making changes to one’s eating patterns can help one achieve weight loss.  With a carefully planned and well designed diet plan, it is indeed possible to shed those extra pounds.  On the contrary, good physical fitness can take place simultaneously with being somewhat overweight.  Hence, eating habits have much to do with being overweight.  You need body fuel to burn fat if you are eating a diet high in fat.  However, you should also remember that lifting weights will not produce much muscle unless you eat right foods to make that happen.

In order to achieve optimum results, it is wise to consider the most favorable condition which includes both fitness and diet.  Considering them separately will not meet the purpose.  Excess calories can be burnt through your fitness regime at the same time you can sustain your body with healthy diet which has essential nutrition your body needs to build muscles.  In this regard, you need to remember that body weight can be misleading as you get more fit.  With fitness regime, your body may look smaller and more toned but your body weight may not go down as you might expect it to be.

To lose weight and maintain a desired body weight is a mission to accomplish.  In this regard, one more essential fact to remember is to determine your metabolic rate, which is to calculate the number of calories your body requires each and every day to maintain your current weight.  If you are determined to shed your extra weight and achieve a fit and healthy body, you need to know how many calories you can eat and still lose weight.  In order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume.  This you can do effectively by adopting a calorie deficit plan and a healthy fitness regime simultaneously.  Nonetheless, it cannot be attained in a day.  It can safely be created cumulatively with a small deficit a day by reducing calories from food as well as augmenting the burning process through regular exercise.  However, with a view to be successful in your weight lose journey, you need a high level of motivation and commitment to follow the course that optimizes the use of these elements of a balanced diet and a healthy fitness regime.  Actions only when conceived in the mind and proceed from the heart speak louder than words.  While walking in the journey of life, stay close to your mission and make that the heart of your brand.  Overweight and obesity are mostly associated with psychiatric disorders.  Therefore, they need to be dealt with accordingly.

How To Go For Safe Weight Loss

28 Oct

Weight Loss is a very common wish for most of the people now days and this is not for only overweight persons rather it is also popular in normal people for keeping them more fit and give a younger and ageless looks. There are so many theories and practices for weight loss and people have a wide range of options available in market. If losing weight is not that easy then also it can be said that this not that hard also to achieve. Before going for any such weight loss program people must know all the facts and possible effects of weight loss and accordingly they may plan their course.

Losing weight in rapid manner can be a dangerous practice if taken in long term and if someone is trying for it without knowing its effects may find them in a poorer condition than that was in case of overweight. So everyone planning for weight loss must go for a safe weight loss program.

Weight loss program start with the most basic aspects like own willingness of the person and a determination in mind that he can do anything for achieving this whether he or she has to change his life style or food habits or anything else. Then the person has to start choosing the action plan for it. First of all the person should know about how much weight exactly he should lose safely and what can be the safe time duration for it. It can be planned by consulting a professional person who may be a qualified doctor or Dietician.

Weight Loss programs like Medifast Diet are combination of balanced diet plan, change in life style, physical exercises and of course the most important one is the positive thinking. If we go for balanced focus on every aspect then we can achieve our target very safely and within the desired time. We must know before starting all these that when we lose weight very fast then also there is a normal tendency of regaining same or even more weight very soon if not adhered to any post weight loss plans. So it is very necessary to take the plan in totality and not to focus on short term gains.

When we start any such plan then we must consider the other factors like reason of overweight and physical as well as mental conditions. Loosing same amount of weight for two different persons may be entirely different and so it should not be simply followed by every person. A person has to decide his diet plan as well as physical activities as per his body condition and medical background also. Lifestyle also differs from person to person working in different working conditions. If a person has to work continuously sitting in front of computers for most of the time then his diet plans will be different from a person who is doing physical work most of the time.

This is also dependent on the external factors like weather and extreme working conditions like Industrial units where excessive of heat, or heavy machinery or exposure to some chemicals or hazardous materials and the whole plan can change according to these conditions.

Plans are different for males and females and also dependent on age groups and other status like especially in women if there is a post pregnancy weight loss program then it will be definitely much different from that of a normal female. Similarly if a person has any medical history of any disease or any type of surgery in past then it should be discussed with the consultant doctor or dietician. An experienced dietician would answer your health questions that will be of much beneficial to start your diet program. If a person is diabetic then definitely a different diet plan will be offered than a person having a cardiac problem and the both plans may be different from a normal person.

So it is very necessary to understand the complete process of weight loss and its effect in long terms otherwise it may be more dangerous that the problem of being overweight. It has to be under guidance of a qualified consultant only and monitoring all the effects on our body on regular intervals for the best possible results is also very much necessary.



Weight Loss And Eating Habits

21 Oct

Eating or over eating is not always the only reason for gaining excessive weight. There are certain medical conditions that we suffer from (such as hypoglycemia, allergies and inflammation) which in turn would need medication to control the condition, and which can be an indirect cause for a person begins gaining weight or being overweight. Such medication needs to be balanced with other prescriptions that would assist in diluting the weight gain tendencies and / or assist in losing weight.

There are symptoms that a qualified and experienced physician can analyze and diagnose to reveal surprising and interesting facts. For instance, a malfunctioning thyroid is capable of causing cravings that trigger consumption of high fat food. Excessive consumption of salt could indicate mineral deficiency in the body. Similarly, intake of extra carbohydrates and sugars indicate a condition known as hypoglycemia. Steroids and antibiotics if being consumed on a regular basis are likely to cause conditions such as dysbiosis, inflammation and allergies. Dysbiosis is an overgrowth of fungi and yeast.

Some of the supplements and advice that assist in weight loss are described below:

1)  Acidophulis pearls.

2)  Chromium Picolinate in measured dosage is known to normalize blood sugar levels to control binging and diminish cravings for carbohydrates.

3)  Unbalanced hormones could result in weight gain. Essential Fatty Acids helps regulating hormone levels and blood sugar levels

4)  Avoiding liver, sunflower seeds, crab, almonds, grapes, liver, pecans, walnuts and mushroom facilitate weight loss.

5)  Choline and Inositol – both Vitamin B – in prescribed dose help burn fat.

6)  Beta Glucan is obtained from oats. It binds with fat and passes out through the excreta; thus aiding in weight loss.

7)  Constipation results in toxins and thus dysbiosis. Milk of Magnesia contains Magnesium that would keep the bowel movement in prime condition thus preventing weight gain.

8)  Prefer butter, olive oil or coconut oil in your kitchen over margarine and shortening. The former aids in producing good fat and the latter, known as hydrogenated fats are bad fats. Lack of B Complex vitamins in the latter aids in depositing fats in your body and therefore must be avoided.

9)  Intake of carbohydrates should be gradually reduced. Consequently release of insulin will drop and your cravings will diminish. Intake of whole grains containing chromium and omega instead of white sugar, white pasta, white rice and white bread would aid in reducing cravings. White food creates bad fats. High protein snacking is what one should go for which will prevent insulin release.

10)  Drink lots of water so to defeat the cravings to surface. Half a lemon juice in a glass of water helps keeping weight in control.

One of the questions that stare you in the eyes is what is it that can keep me going and help me meet my goals. Here we are looking for motivation. There are some very interesting ideas that can help keep you highly motivated in your resolve to lose weight. These measures have been tried and are therefore proven strategies to defeat the temptations that could stare at you while in company of friends, in a chic café or restaurant or in a mall.

1)  Always follow proven and tested diet plans like Medifast Diet plan as you can find a lot of persons who have reduced weight and this can motivate you throughout the diet course.

2)  Resolve that you would reward yourself a certain amount of dollars when you lose certain number of pounds. The bigger the denomination and the lost pounds, the more you reward yourself. It actually excites oneself to see his or her jar of reward swelling.

3)  Bet with friends and family to set a realistic and reasonable weight loss goal. When you win once, it gives a great sense of achievement and works like miracle and you set more similar goals.

4)  Find out if your locality or workplace organizes fun events focusing on weight loss. A weight loss challenge game is bound to work wonders on the participants. You can find such an event online too. Such events are catching the fancy of the masses. Here prize money is announced for the individual losing most number of pounds or a team that loses most pounds together.

5)  There are firms and / or companies who too give out money if you lose certain number of pounds, or work to bring your body mass index to meet the ideal weight prescribed for your height. Look out for such promotions / events in the media or online and register for the event.

The Medifast Diet Program – People trust and turn to in fighting an Effective Battle against Overweight

2 Aug

People love to look slimmer, smarter and younger.  Those who are overweight often dream of looking thinner and fit. They want to lead a happy and peaceful life.  But, overweight people find it hard to cope up with the present day busy and hectic life.  Due to wrong lifestyles, they are unable to lead a healthy life, instead, get into a vicious cycle of stress and strain.  They live on junk and fast food.  As a result, they have to suffer from the ill effects of these unhealthy foods such as salted snack foods, gum, candy sweet desserts, fried fast food and many more.  The moment they realize they are putting on excessive weight, things are already out of hand and they start worrying over being overweight.  Henceforward, losing weight remains the main motto of these people.  But, due to the age old prejudice, more and more people are fighting a losing battle.  They have little faith in so called weight loss programs and hence have no patience for any more experiments.  It is natural that after trying so many names, one becomes skeptical and doubts whether any genuine weight loss program really does exist to help those people who really want to shed those extra pounds.  They say everything is fake and internet is full of scams.  Choosing a genuine and authentic weight loss program is a daunting task.

But, there are a few programs like Medifast diet program that people trust and turn to in fighting an effective battle against overweight.  So far as fighting against diseases is concerned, people generally go by real examples than by the tall claims of the companies.  For any genuine weight loss program, beneficiaries are considered the best referrals.  In the case of Medifast diet program, millions of people who were once overweight have not only achieved the targets but also are leading healthy lives for Medifast diet program helps one to loss the extra-weight as well as helps him to maintain a healthy life.  Here lies the secret why many weight loss programs fail while a few like Medifast diet program succeed.  Medifast meal replacement program allows the user to have balanced meals in terms of fat, calories and carbohydrates.  Besides this each meal is designed to optimize the intake of vitamins and mineral that helps one to lead a happier and healthier life.


Since, Medifast offers a huge choice of over 60 different delicious items like shakes, soups, stew chili, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, fruit drinks, iced teas, hot drinks, bars and puddings to pick from, after getting habituated with the tasty meal plans, people will never find any reason to quit the program.  But, other weightloss programs are not like them.  Their programs are designed and planned only to increase their sale of products.  On the other hand, Medifast diet program takes good care of people’s tastes and preferences.  Accordingly, their meal plans include so much variance in the taste and flavor.  Customers can easily differentiate that unique and real difference.