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Medifast Diet For Pregnant Women

7 Apr

Medifast, located in Maryland, USA was started by William Vitale around 1980. It is into the business of manufacturing and distribution of nutrition and weight management products. In the beginning, Medifast diets used to be available through physicians alone. With the withdrawal of restrictions, it became  available freely to the consumers. The manufacturer furnishes the directions for the consumers which is easy to follow. Plenty physicians treating obese patients do consider prescribing Medifast diets to replace their regular diets in order to bring about a change towards the appearance of an individual’s body and lead a life more healthy and normal.

Medifast offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian options – both. Soybean is known to be rich in protein that effectively assists lowering cholesterol and triglycerides thereby reducing risk of heart ailments and bringing relief to women undergoing menopausal ordeal like hot flashes. Medifast products use soy protein, extracted from soybeans, as a key ingredient in certain few of its products. The products also provide liberal and reasonable amount of nourishment in the form of vitamins, fibers and vital minerals. Medifast meals are low on carbohydrate and do not consist of proteins of whey. Having been designed with such ingredients, it has made great success in bringing satisfaction, happiness and well-being amongst the millions of people around.

Although initially meant for obese and overweight public, people suffering with high blood pressure as well as diabetes have too found it beneficial for them. It has been tested by and studied by universities to their entire satisfaction and content.

Although you would find so many people having been benefited, it always helps in making an informed decision when you are familiar of both sides of the coin. Yes you may find Medifast dieting substantially expensive when compared to alternatives in the market. You may not like few of its meals, but that is true for our otherwise everyday lives, ain’t it! The saving grace here are the other meals that more than make up for that. And I suppose you would agree that money is not the only sacrifice that would get us results. Likewise, if you spend some time exercising, the results would be certainly more wondrous and guaranteeing. No two persons are made alike, thus it works differently on different people. So it is necessary to stick to it with the maintenance regime diets. You do not want to regain swifter after that swift offload. You should include lots of water intake for optimal functioning of the digestive system necessary for the fiber rich meals that Medifast is. For the plus side, it is a fairly successful weight management diet hitherto known. It has a truly delighting and working and professional and caring customer service in the event of you looking for something not already informed along with the product. It saves you the effort of calculating all that necessary protein – carbs – fat – calories, then listing those items and buying them at the grocery store and cooking and eating. You do not have to bother of all that hassle if joining Medifast diet membership program. The varieties available makes sure you do not feel missing on things; you never feel as if you were gagging down stuff down your throat. With the variety spread, you actually look forward eagerly instead of that “not again” look on your face. If taken as suggested, the meals make sure that you do not find yourself hungry or craving at any given time of day or night, which cannot be said about any other product. Medifast catalog offers plenty healthy treats to take care of your likings. Thus it trains you on how to manage hunger, making it your second nature, securing you a healthier future.

If you were planning for a baby or if you were to be pregnant, it would be necessary to consult your physician, although you may find expectant mothers becoming members of the diet program and doing well. Some may not have, and then some may have consulted their physicians, you never know. You certainly would not and cannot take liberties with such extreme diet regimes. You certainly do not want to jeopardize the life of one who has not set its feet in this world. Any risk you take must be a carefully calculated one, if pregnant or planning to become one.


How Safe Organic Foods Are

10 Mar

Many people are trying to take better care of their health. The popularity of organic foods has come as a result of people’s desire to eat foods that are free from dangerous chemicals and pesticides. Organic foods are produced without using chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. These foods are produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for the future generation. Organic meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products come from animals that are given no antibiotics and hormones for growth. It is produced without using conventional pesticides, fertilizers made from synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge, bioengineering or ionizing radiation.

When we think about a healthy diet for our children, then organic food is the best because it does not contain preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colorings,   flavorings , monosodium glutamate, hydrogenated fat, and phosphoric acid, all of which are associated with hyperactivity in preschool children. Small children are susceptible to pesticides as the immune systems are still developing in them. Studies have proved that children who ate conventional food had higher level of pesticides but the level of pesticides was low in the children who ate organic foods comparatively.

The immune system of old people and patients who are suffering diseases such as cancer, liver problem, kidney failure etc becomes week. Negligence in their diet can lead to some other complications. Eating organic foods is good for their digestive system as well as overall health.

Pregnant ladies and their fetuses benefit even more from organic foods. During pregnancy, the immune system of the ladies weakens and they are more vulnerable to pesticides. In some cases pesticides can pass to the fetus in the womb of the mother, directly adding stress to the developing fetus. Sometimes it passes to the baby through breast milk. For these reasons organic foods are much safer option.

Organic foods are grown and processed using a particular set of farming practices that eliminates chemicals, while helping the environment by conserving water and nurturing soil. Organic agriculture can be better for the environment as it reduces pollution and conserves natural resources. Natural fertilizers are used instead of harmful chemicals. The environmental benefits of organic farming are tremendous and are probably in fact its biggest selling point. Organic food does not involve poisoning rivers, lakes, soil and the air. Hyperbolic this may sound but extensive pollution of the environment is exactly what the conventional farming does.

Conventionally raised live stocks are full of antibiotics and growth hormones that are transmitted to the milk, egg, poultry and meat we consume. The use of hormones and antibiotics (unless illness is present) is restricted in organic live stocks.medifast 5

Some researchers think that organic food is healthier. This especially applies to fresh produce. The pesticide, fungicides and chemical fertilizers used in conventional farming are not great addition to our food. With organic food you have to just rinse off the soil in clean water.

Many people say that organic food is much tastier than conventional food. This is sometimes true but not necessarily. Organic eggs sometimes taste better because the hen eats amore varied diets. At the same time, organic foods does not look appealing than the conventional food.

Many researchers say that organic food does not necessarily mean healthier. They believe that organic and conventional foods are virtually the same in vitamin content. People may choose organic foods over conventional foods from environmental concern or taste preferences. But when it comes to nutrients and vitamins points of view, they are almost the same.

Many researchers argue that organic methods of farming can just be as dangerous as conventional use of chemicals, pesticides, and insecticides. For example, manure used as an organic fertilizer may increase the risk of E coli bacteria on food products. This can lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea and other condition related to food poisoning. Do not be fooled by the food products that are leveled “All Natural”. This does not mean the foods are organic.  Another general concern is the public’s perception of food products labeled ‘organic’ as being healthy, without reading nutrition labels to determine the sugar, sodium, fat and calorie. People commonly think that ‘natural’ is the same as ‘organic’, when there is no clear evidence of higher nutritional value in organic foods. However, markets that specialize in organic foods have opened in many places to meet the need but one unfortunate aspect of organic foods is they are very expensive. Higher price is always there for organic food when it is compared with conventional food.

There are always some disadvantages in everything. In the same way organic food also has few disadvantages. If you plan to eat only organic food then the choice will be limited. Some food stuffs are rarely grown organically at all and others may only be available on the seasons. On the other hand conventional foods are available in all seasons and the cost is less than the organic food.

In conclusion it is better to have both organic and conventional food by not restricting to only one because both have advantages and disadvantages.